Mintos Review

Mintos is the first peer-2-peer lending platform I ever encountered. And until this point it’s the best I have experienced so far. It’s based in Latvia and has a very clear and easy to understand website. In my opinion Mintos is the best website to start if you want to start with peer-2-peer investing!

Acceptance process

There is no hard and thorough acceptance process at Mintos. Just register for an account with your email and password and you can start investing. It’s as simple as that.

Depositing funds

Depositing funds to Mintos can be done in 10 different currencies but here I will note how it’s done for Euro’s and US dollars.

If you want to deposit Euro’s you can make a regular bank transfer, this is done via 1 of 2 working days. This is the only one I have experience with. But next to that Mintos offers service for payment providers like TransferWise and paysera. Since a couple of weeks Mintos now also offers Trustly. With Trustly you can transfer money within minutes to Mintos from any European bank account up to 5000 euro.


Investing in Mintos is very easy. There is a primary market and a secondary market. On the primary market the initial loan is being offered. You can filter this list on whatever you want: loan originator, interest, loan term, etc. One big advantage of Mintos over some other platforms is that most of their loan originator (the original owner of the loan, not Mintos itself) offer a buyback guarantee. This means that they will give you the investment back in case the loan defaults.

On the secondary market you will see second hand loans. These can be loans of people that have to bail out quickly because they suddenly need the money or for some other reason want to sell their loans. Be careful here since sometimes you are paying too much for a certain loan. And always check whether there is a buyback guarantee of course, if you’d like to have one.

The loans vary much from business loans to personal loans and from very short loans to very long loans. It ranges all the way from 1 month to 72 months and the interest has a broad range as well. The annual return on investment on Mintos ranges from 5% to 17%!

Mintos has a very nice auto-invest functionality as well. This gives you a lot of parameters to play with and will really make you a passive income investor. This functionality will make sure you will get that compounded interest for sure!

Withdrawing money from Mintos

Withdrawing money from Mintos is as easy as it gets. You have a amount of available cash and you select how much of that available amount you want to withdraw. Within seconds the actual action is done and then the withdrawal will take 1 or 2 business days at max to be fulfilled.